Orthoform Micro-Coated Stainless Steel archwire, Rectangular. Pk 10

  • Our Micro-Coated stainless steel archwires are coated on the labial surface with a tough, tooth coloured PTFE polymer for a great aesthetic look.

    • Wire properties are identical to uncoated wires
    • Only the visible surface of the arch wire is coated
    • Improved friction compared to fully coated wires
    • Safe, tough and stain-resistant PTFE coating
    • Premium grade 304VAR stainless steel
    • Precise arch shape, flatness, and torque tolerances
    • Consistent, accurate European arch shape

    The PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) coating is .0005" thick and applied only to the labial surface of the archwire. By coating only the mesial surface, friction and sliding mechanics are improved, and premature wear on the coating is virtually eliminated when compared to fully coated aesthetic wires.

    The tough PTFE coating is resistant to staining from harsh substances, such as coffee and juices, and impervious to cracking, flaking, chipping or peeling when bends are applied or the wire is deformed.

  • COMPOSITION (% weight):
    Cr 18-20%, Ni 8-10.5%, Mn ≤ 2%, Si ≤ 1%, Fe Balance