TEST Orthoform Beta 3 Titanium archwire, Round. Pk 10

Price Promise

An excellent nickel-free, moderate force wire, ideal for mid to finishing treatment stages and suitable for use with nickel-sensitive patients.

Beta 3 Titanium provides forces approximately 45% less than equivalent Stainless Steel archwires, but with twice the elasticity and equal formability, allowing for easy placement of loops and bends. Because of its intermediate stiffness between super elastic nickel titanium and stainless steel, it is ideally suited as a main working, or finishing archwire where moderate forces are necessary for torque control and final detailing.

The lower force levels provide improved patient comfort when compared to equivalent stainless steel wires, and enhances ease of use for clinicians.

  • Laser marked midlines
  • European arch shape
  • Packs of 10


  1. Nickel free, safe for nickel sensitive patients
  2. Patient friendly - approx 45% less force than Stainless Steel
  3. Excellent formability, ideal for detailed bends
  4. Ultra smooth finish for reduced friction
  5. Precise arch shape, flatness, and torque tolerances

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